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HAMMS - The Historic American Merchant Marine Survey

Course Description

The Historic American Merchant Marine Survey (HAMMS) was one of the smaller projects funded by the WPA (the Works Progress Administration) during the Great Depression. The object was to locate and document existing watercraft around the country before those historic vessels would be lost to posterity. In just 18 months a small number of out of work but highly skilled individuals found and documented nearly 500 vessels. Detailed records became part of the Smithsonian archives. Since 1939 that remarkable array of American watercraft -- of all types and sizes -- has been part of the historic record. How that was accomplished, and the role played by one particular individual, is the subject of this Silver Frog presentation.

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Dates:December 10, 2019
Meets:Tu from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM
Instructor:Dan Smith
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