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The Germans' WWII Unbreakable Enigma Code

Course Description

Prior to and throughout World War II, the German political and military commands encoded all messages sent over their radio networks to prevent the Allies from collecting this invaluable intelligence. They were so positive in the security of their Enigma system that they trusted it until the end of the war. Unknown to the Germans, the Allies had begun intercepting and decoding most of their highest level communications in the early 1930's and continued breaking the code throughout the war. The movie, The Imitation Game, is about Alan Turning, one of the principle code breakers and the work carried out by the British at Bletchley Park. The allies' ability to read the German's daily mail was a very closely guarded secret. This remarkable feat has been credited with shortening WW II by at least two years and saving millions of lives. The phenomenal accomplishments of Turing and the other Bletchley Park cryptanalyst were not publicly acknowledged until the early 1970's and many died without ever being recognized for this miraculous feat. This lecture will review the Enigma machine's history, its operation, and the allies' successful effort to break the code, even as it changed daily throughout the war.

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Dates:October 3, 2019
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Instructor:Randy Smith
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