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Photography, Holography & Photoshop: Grades 6 - 12

Course Description

Explore the world of 2D digital photography and 3D holography! Digital cameras are everywhere and come in all shapes and sizes but it's you, the photographer behind the camera, who determines the quality of the shot. In this workshop you will learn how to take great photographs with almost any picture taking device. The photographic process doesn't stop there - learn cool post-processing techniques in Photoshop® to tweak and morph your images to create professional looking quality photographs that you can print and hang on your wall. We will also make real 3D holograms and learn the similarities between the two processes. At the end of the workshop there will be a composite slide show for both photographers and parents and each person will take home a portfolio of their work to share with friends and family.

Students will learn the technical and artistic components of photography including composition, focal planes, field of view, aperture, exposure, rule of thirds and the many others that are essential to taking quality photographs. Other topics including laser, coherency and interference will also be covered during the holographic exploration.

Cameras are NOT provided – each camper must bring his or her own camera device. Since cameras come in all shapes in sizes we don’t require a specific type of camera but highly recommend a DSLR (Digital SLR). If one is not available many inexpensive digital point-and-shoot cameras incorporate many of the functions necessary. Smart phone cameras are also acceptable for this workshop but may limit the variability of each child’s experience in the field. All Photoshop® skills may be applied to all digital images regardless of device. A Flash Drive is required to take images and portfolio home.

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    Number of Seat(s) Available: There are 11 openings remaining at this time.

    Dates:July 16-20, 2018
    Meets:M, Tu, W, Th and F from 9:00 AM to 12 N, 5 sessions
    Instructor:Study Center
    Fee: $264.00Fee Breakdown